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Perfect After Builders Hard Floor Cleaning London

Hard floor cleaning is a job that has to be done right. Call After Builders Cleaning London to book dedicated services for wooden, tiled, vinyl, or stone floors. Expert technicians with the right equipment deliver outstanding results and guaranteed surface care.

Hard Floor Cleaners Who Tailor Your Service to Your Floors

Your hard floor cleaners will make an assessment of your type of flooring and its initial condition before starting any work. Services available include:

  • Wood floor maintenance and renovation – A wooden floor in good condition may simply need surface cleaning and buffing. A neglected floor may require stripping of the old polish or varnish, sanding and re-polishing.
  • Slate and stone floor cleaning – As dirt builds up on stone floors it becomes very hard to remove it using traditional detergents and methods. Your technicians use modern equipment which applies heated water, under pressure, to emulsify the grime. The dirty emulsion is captured so the original colour of the floor shines through. A penetrating sealant is then applied to make the stone resistant to staining in the future.
  • Vinyl floor cleaning – Is completed in a similar way to stone cleaning. The major difference is that water is applied at low rather than high pressure.

Why After Builders Cleaning London Are a Trusted Choice for Specialist Cleaning Tasks

  • After Builders Cleaning London invests in top quality technology that delivers faster results
  • Cleaning technicians are trained to use the tools provided safely and to best advantage
  • All services are covered by full insurance
  • Appointments are available for early mornings, evenings, and weekends

Request a Quote for Hard Floor Cleaning

Dial to get through to our 24/7 support and quotation line. You’ll get an initial quote based on your description of the work to be done. This price will be confirmed once your technicians have viewed and assessed your floor.