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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions this may be the section where you can find your answers.

Here we address some of the most frequent queries we get from our clients,
regarding our professional cleaning services.

Please note that if you don’t find your answers here, you can always call our phone lines on ,
and ask our representatives – they’ll be more than happy to help you!
How can I be sure about the high quality of your services?

We are an eminent professional cleaning company with lots of experience in the field of home cleaning and home improvement.
If you are not sure about the quality of our services, you are free to check out our cleaning reviews page. There you can see what our clients think of us.
How can I be sure that the price of your services is better compared to other cleaning companies in London?

By calling our operators you can get a detailed quote for each one of our services. If you say exactly what you need cleaned,
our colleagues can give you more accurate information after they inspect the work that needs to be done. Of course you can always check the prices of our competitors,
but we are confident that we will remain your preferred choice .
Do your cleaning teams work on evenings and weekends, and can I book a cleaner for let’s say Sunday night?

Sure we do! As a matter of fact, weekends are the preferred time slots by most of our customers.
Just note, that the more notice you give us the better your chances are to get a cleaner for you on the specified time and date.
How much notice do you require when a person wants to book your services?

We promise to be at your doorstep on a 12 hour notice. Although it will be better if you book the service you require, a bit earlier,
so to avoid any difficulties.
I don’t feel safe letting strangers in my house, how can you assure me that your cleaners are trustworthy?

We understand this can be really uncomfortable for some of you, that’s why every single one of our cleaners is fully vetted,
and passed a special course of training before they start working for our company.
You can be 100% sure that our cleaners won’t interfere with your routines in any way.
In which London areas do you offer your services?

We cover the whole London! All we need to know is your address and you can be sure our cleaning team will be there right on time.
I’ve had some bad experiences with cleaning companies in the past. Are you able to guarantee your work?

Don’t worry – you’re safe with us! We don’t only guarantee our work, but we guarantee that we will surpass your expectations!